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    werkt - 2003-05-02 05:00   -   orbis
The latest additions to the cvs tree include the new tower layout system, as well as some minor fixes in the editors and file animations. I still haven't added true browsing or editing support in the terminals that pop up, but I plan to within the month. The mailing list orbis-devel is up for anyone who's interested in learning how development is proceeding on the whole project.
Chugging along
    werkt - 2003-02-05 09:01   -   orbis
I'm slowly making headway with the new version. So far, the list of supported features will include

basic animations for constructs (not just md2 anims)
Orbis 1.2 cvs
    werkt - 2002-09-28 13:22   -   orbis
Orbis 1.2 is now in cvs, but I haven't had time to throw together a scripted build, just gcc *.c with the appropriate options to get the binary... This version lacks much of the functionality of the other version, but looks much prettier.
Next Release
    werkt - 2002-07-30 15:19   -   orbis
Orbis 0.2 is coming along nicely, even with a distinct lack of models. Currently, it uses quake 2 models for file representation, mouse UI is enabled (though I need to write some bounding box code). Tower (full directory) implementation is coming soon, as well as the text editor, file management, and launching system. Enjoy your stay in development hell.
    werkt - 2002-07-22 08:15   -   orbis
Ok, now that the cygwin release of orbis is out, I need a bit of help in creating some models to use for file representation (and maybe some other things later on). Right now I have a loader for md2 (Quake 2) files, and support for any type of image format you can throw at it. So what I need to know is are there any fans of orbis out there who are willing to donate some models?
Porting Orbis
    werkt - 2002-06-19 10:15   -   orbis
I'm currently working on porting the code to cygwin/win32 environ, and if anyone else has any suggestions as to where else to port to, let me know. With some minor tweaking, I've gotten it to run under Solaris, and I've heard mixed information regarding its functionality under OS X

The guy to blame for all this - werkt@orbis.sourceforge.net